Who Do We Help

With a diverse background that ranges from higher education to nonprofits to agency work and finally technology, we can flex our communications expertise to create a strategy for any type of business — corporate to SMB — in any industry — at any point in their maturity cycle.

That said, we have deep background in a couple unique verticals:

Technology Providers

The tech industry evolves rapidly, with technical terms and an alphabet soup of acronyms bombarding your clients as they try to decipher what technology they want and need. We’ll help you share your value as a trusted adviser with potential customers while clearly explaining the technology you can bring into their businesses–without all the jargon.

New & Small Businesses

Are you in those overwhelming early days of launching a business? Are you wearing all the hats that come with running a small business? Let us help you with the communication basics — website content, sales sheets, social media, new business or product launch events and announcements, process and policy creation and customer communications. We’ll help create or extend your brand reputation, raising awareness of your unique story and accelerating your sales cycle.

Executive Leadership

It’s one thing to know the ins and outs of your business. It’s quite another to stand as a leader inside your business, with your clients, and in the industries and communities you serve. We’ll create a thought leadership roadmap and help you establish your personal brand and message. From there, we’ll support that effort with dynamic script writing, effective presentation coaching and custom content, from social media to contributed articles and blogs.


Are you struggling to communicate your mission? We’ll review and revise the way you share your passion, vision and needs to each unique audience — those you serve, the community and your supporters. Are you mounting a special campaign or new annual fund? We’ll craft a succinct, engaging message that helps your team and your evangelists in the community share your purpose and goals with potential donors.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at gennifer@generatecomms.com or even go the old-fashioned way, and call 814.825.5760

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